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Archive for November 2008

Dangers of the Compost Toilet

A word of warning – if you install a basic compost loo its good if its not upstairs and imperative that you have a lid which can be properly secured.  I only mention this as I had a near miss with our bucket of poo this morning. Coming downstairs with a large bucket of human faeces, […]

Veg Diaries

Well, its all change on the huerto this week. The tomato plants have finally be pulled up and replaced with more broad beans – I don’t think you can ever have too many really.  The tomato plants were starting to look pretty bedraggled and as its cooling down on the mountain I don’t imagine there […]

Brussels Sprouts for Christmas

Brussels Sprouts for Chrimbo!   Don’t worry I’m not obsessing about Christmas already.  Oh no, I’m obsessing about my sprouts!      You have to understand D hates sprouts.  As much as I meddle and ‘tart’ them up with chestnuts or bacon, butter or leeks he still absolutely refuses to do anything other than moan about their […]

Getting Ready for Spring

Well its been steadily heading towards winter for a while now… The hunters are about, the fire is being lit (evenings only lets not panic just yet!) and the nights drawing in.  Never-mind though, have been busy getting ready for the Spring harvest.  We’ve been preparing the veg plots – removing weeds (it really does […]

Bye Bye to the Donkeys

I read some very sad news today.  The last working donkey in our local village has retired.  I’m devastated.  I realise I’m a tragic foreigner about this, but I love love love those rare days when we time a trip to town just right and manage to get stuck behind the last working donkey, laden […]

Compost & Manure

You really can never have too much compost… One of the first jobs we tackled here was the creation of ‘compost corner’.  The soil at our finca is better than much in Spain, we were lucky that previous owners had kept donkeys and grown crops before us so the soil had been improved historically.  We […]

Manure – The Good Stuff?

Manure is a veggie grower’s best friend for sure but sometimes you really can have too much of the good stuff! Our soil is fine, stony and very shallow so we’ve really made an effort to improve it.  Brilliantly when we bought the finca we inherited a huge pile of chicken manure.  Now some people […]

All is Not Lost – More Calçots Please!

[ad#banner] All is not completely lost though.  D had a brainwave – luckily he doesn’t like to waste a thing so had been mulling over the problem of the sprouting onions and decided to replant them.  Mad huh?  Let me explain more… The onions are sprouting but are still basically dry and okay so we’re going to […]

Onion Disaster

Well I was feeling very smug that last year we were self sufficientish with regard to onions.  We did very well eating them from storage for about 9 months and along with the 2 months we ate them (alright sometimes they were a bit small but hey!) from the garden meant we only had to buy […]