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Archive for December 2008

Blogging With Photos

[ad#co-1] It’s been brought to my attention that I’ve been a bit lazy of late with supplying pictures of what’s going on.  Silly really as I prefer blogs which provide some pictographic content.  So from now on I will really try to spend a bit more time making the blog more colourful. And for now […]

Manure – Does it Matter Who Made It?

Just a bit more about manure and what some people find distasteful or even downright scary; humanure.    So if you’re squeamish look away now. We’ve been eating veggies grown from soil enriched with lots and lots of chicken and human manure for four years and must say its really improved our crops.  As long as […]

January Guide to Vegetable Gardening in Spain

Planting, Sowing, Harvesting & Other Things To Do in the Vegetable Patch. Sowing in January Beans (broad / climbing / french) Beetroot Carrots (under plastic) Cucumber (in cold frame) Peas & Mangetout Radish Planting in January Lettuce Onions Spinach Harvesting in January Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Cauliflower Celery (individual stalks) Chilli’s Jerusalem Artichoke Leeks Lettuce […]

Brussels Sprouts for Christmas – Part 2

[ad#co-1] As I may have mentioned before I am a dedicated fan of the brussels sprout.  Well this year is the first time I’ve grown them and I wasn’t sure how well they’d do as I suppose I tend to think of them as a more northern and particularly British vegetable. Happily I was wrong.  […]

Growing Brussels Sprouts (in Spain)

I’m compiling some info on growing different veggies in Spain as its useful for me to remember what I should be doing each year, and maybe will help some of you too. I wasn’t sure how well brussels sprouts would do in our corner of southern Catalunya.  Mostly I was concerned as sprouts aren’t really […]

Spanish Wildlife – Blond Squirrels?

An aside because I’m not sure what fluffy, scampering animal crossed my path… Well on the morning walk with too many dogs they disturbed what I can only describe as a blond, red squirrel.  My eyes aren’t brilliant but it ran across the track so close to in front of me I’m pretty sure that’s […]

A Boxing Day Pressie

Just a quick note to share my joy that the hens started laying again on boxing day. Fantastic news as we’ve all (D, the dogs and even the cat) have really missed fresh eggs.  Definitely need to be more organised about the timing of hen purchase next time so that we’ve got both spring and […]

Merry Christmas from the Catalan Gardener

As you can see I’ve been foraging for green things and things with berries to make my own Christmas wreath.  I’ve never made one before and although I did use one piece of string feel even my sister would be proud of it.  My sister being a lady taught the ‘olde’ ways of Christmas wreath […]

Veg Diaries – The Dreaded Weeding

Vegetable Growing in Spain – Weeding I’ve been weeding the vegetable plots each morning this week so thought I’d mention it here. Anyone gardening in Spain will quickly find how very different the soil here is to that back home.  For a start there often isn’t much of it, bedrock seeming much more popular!  And […]

Preserving Horseradish

[ad#banner] Or – what do I do with all this horseradish now then? I’m surprised how little I’ve been able to find on what to do with all the horseradish I craved a year ago.  So if its of any help here’s what I’ve managed: Eating Horseradish Not rocket science – just get on with […]