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Archive for February 2009

Veg Diaries – Potatoes Planted

I have managed to find time amongst all the citrus fruit preservation and consumption to do a little gardening too! I planted the potatoes yesterday, out in the warm, still (for a change) sunshine.  Most enjoyable it was too.  I only had one tuber too many to fit in the plot.  While I was pondering […]

Lemons and Oranges

I still haven’t used all the oranges and lemons we got for free a few weeks ago.  I have tried, believe me.  We’re full of vitamin C from all the mandarins we’re eating, and orange juice we’re drinking.  We’ve had lots of marmalade breakfasts, and lots of lemon juice spritzed on things just as they […]

Flowers in the Catalan Garden

I don’t write about ornamental gardening as its really a sideline here at the moment.  We have always enjoyed creating ornamental gardens but have more passion for the productive garden plot. That being said I’m a sucker for anything related to a daisy!  As water is such a scarce commodity for us we have quite […]

Spanish Tortilla Recipe – Potato Omelette

[ad#banner] I know this is a gardening blog but I’m excited.  I love a traditional Spanish potato omelette but have no luck recreating their soft, lusciousness at home, until now that is.  During yesterday’s indoor calçotada for two we enjoyed a rather nice potato tortilla.  So to ensure I never forget and y’all can have […]

You’re Reading the Number One Blog for Manure Wellies!

Just a quickie to let you know I’ve made it!  This blog is now google’s number one search result for ‘manure wellies’.  Gosh and I was happy being number eight in yahoo.  But number one in google – surely there should be a way to earn oodles of cash out of this thing?  No?  Oh […]

Our Indoor Calçotada

With the post about how to grow calçots I realised we hadn’t actually eaten any of ours yet!  What’s that all about?  So today I prepared a mini calçotada lunch for two.  It ended up being very windy – always the way if you intend to burn anything outside – so we stayed indoors.  Unauthentic […]

It’s Not Just Veggies in the Catalan Garden

I’m a bit of a fan of the almond blossom.  We’ve watched it gradually ascend the slopes from the river and now at last its reached us.  A great tide of pink and white honey scented loveliness!  Perfecto! If you find our site helpful why not make your Amazon purchases through our US or our […]

Grow Your Own Calçots

[ad#big-square] Since there has been a lot of interest in growing calçots (probably as it’s calçotada time) here’s how to do it yourself.  These are a traditional Catalan delicacy that can be grown all over the world. How to Grow Calçots: In spring/summer prepare the bed where you wish to grow calçots.  Enriching with at […]

Garden Diaries – Fruit and Veg

We’ve got a few chores done in the last month.  It’s been lovely doing some springtime stuff, like sowing seeds again.  So what’s occurring on the vegetable plot? Chillis, carrots, peas, spinach and rocket have been sown. Carrots are starting to come up under their polythene quilt. Potato plot dug and seed potatoes bought – […]

Garden Diaries – Hens and Other Mountain Animals

Wow its been a grisly month here on the mountain.  We’ve had two hen deaths followed by rapid replacement.  The local ‘hen guy’ came through for us, getting us some replacements within a week.  This is a minor miracle in these parts.  Normally ordering poultry involves the following: driving 40 mins to request the hens […]