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Archive for March 2009

Olive Leaf Tea

Apologies to regular readers.  But, if you do not want to witness any more shameless self promotion, look away now… Right, since we live in the middle of Olive Country and provide ourselves with olive oil and table olives it seemed apt we would have an olive based site.  Called All That’s Olive, the site […]

Veg Diaries – Feels Like Summer

Oh Joy! The first of the real ‘summer’ crops went into the ‘huerto‘ this week.  I couldn’t help smiling with anticipation at all the tomatoes, peppers, chili’s, cucumbers and aubergines to come.  These are the real Mediterranean vegetables of summer and the reason I garden. More of all these will go in again in another […]

New Hens A-Laying

I was a tad miffed to say the least when, within days of agreeing a weekly sale of spare eggs, we had two hens taken by the mystery mountain poultry muncher.  A few days later two more pullets were put in the chicken coop to be picked on, not allowed any food (particularly lettuce or […]

Spring Fever – Wild Asparagus Season is Upon Us!

[ad#big-square] We are in the middle of Wild Asparagus season at the moment.  And, a delightful season it is too.  Local wisdom has that the only way to eat wild asparagus is fried in lots of olive oil and then added to an omelet.  We disagree, wild asparagus is delicious served up however you would […]

Still Waiting for the Seeds to Germinate

March is definitely a month of waiting… Our ‘coldframe’ is some old box/drawer thing salvaged from the tip and topped with some appropriately sized and similarly salvaged window panes.  It is looking decidedly not green at the moment.  There are chillies, peppers, cherry tomatoes, flowers (of the nameless variety collected on a trip back to […]

I’m Having Blogging Internet Connection Issues

Well the internet is working for a few minutes so just to say hello there.  We’re having ‘issues’ with the Iberbanda connection.  Oh sometimes I think life with cables and pipes running to the house would be just lovely.  But no, we’ve got a little mini satellite dish type thing that miraculously collects the internet […]

The Great Marmalade Taste Test

We quite like marmalade, particularly when the fruit is freshly picked by our own fair hands, organic and best of all free! I’ve made a few different sorts of marmalade over the years but often lose track of what recipe I was ‘inspired’ by and basically end up with no idea of how each batch […]

Veg Diaries March 2009

It’s been a busy month of waiting so far.  There has been lots of mowing, strimming and sowing done, but lots of waiting too.  We are still rationing eggs as the new hens refuse to commence laying.  It must be any day now.  I cannot wait!  So what’s been occuring in the garden? Chilli’s (serrano, […]

Jerusalem Artichoke, Horseradish and Cabbage Mash

There are an awful lot of boring Jerusalem Artichoke Recipes.  As I accidentally created this rather tasty  Jerusalem Artichoke recipe or concoction myself I feel I should share: Jerusalem Artichoke, Horseradish and Cabbage Mash Recipe Scrub your Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers then cover with cold water and boil for about 30 minutes and drain. In the […]


Over on your left you should see an ad for ‘IdealBite’.  Just to let you know it is a free service sending daily eco tips to your inbox.  So if you feel like learning a new random fact that is eco, environmentally, green, money saving, energy saving, waste reducing and best of all free, click […]