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Archive for April 2009

Back with Purple Sprouting Broccoli

The blog is getting a bit more of a weekly, rather than a daily activity.  But just for the regulars, to whom I have repeatedly moaned about a lack of purple sprouting broccoli.  I can at last reveal, we have eaten so much we’re nearly bored of it!  Not quite bored as its so damn […]

Olive Leaf Tea Interview

I know, I can’t believe it either… even MORE shameless self promotion!  The Catalan Gardener did an interview!  It’s all about olive leaf benefits.  Thanks to Jeanne from Sevenoaks it means the All That’s Olive site gets a bit of publicity.  So maybe more people will buy olive leaf tea! One can only hope!  But […]

Snow – in April?

Yes, dear reader we’ve had snow all morning!  Just when I was despairing about the rain it changed to snow.  Last month I was working in shorts and vest, feeling smug about life in Spain!  I was even mean spirited enough to text family to gloat about the soaring temperatures.  I should know better, such […]

My Wellies Don’t Work But the Potatoes are Happy

I guess the title says it all.  It’s been hammering it down all day.  The cisterna under the living room is filling up nicely.  Which is a positive to lift my spirits after a fortnight of decidedly dubious weather. I ventured out with the three dogs of doom who are VERY mental at the mo […]

Tomato Growing Tips

Update. After writing this post and finding more information about tomato growing I found a fantastic guide to getting the absolute most from your tomatoes. It is full of great information on all aspects of growing tomatoes. It is really cheap because it is an e-book, which means you get it delivered straight away by […]