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Growing Tomatoes and Potatoes

So, do you think my Tomato Growing Tips post or my Potato Growing Tips post is most likely to be of any use?  I think maybe even I didn’t read the one about growing potatoes… In my defense Spanish potatoes are often not of the same high quality as the tomatoes here.  I’m just gardening […]

Rainwater Harvesting – The Cistern

I really did think that if I wrote about rainwater harvesting we would have some significant rain.  No such luck, but a few light showers have been collected and are now held in our underground water cistern.  This means we have some water but not enough to stop wishing for some more rain.  But, possible […]

Rainwater Barrels

[ad#big-square] Here in the Catalan Garden it’s getting hot…And, the rainwater barrels are running dry… I’m not complaining (as if).  But it does bring us back to our summer routine of regular watering of all the organic veggies plus the treasured few flowers happy to withstand the soaring temperatures and baked earth (yes its mostly […]

Growing Cucumbers – Top Tip

[ad#banner] Every year we plant cucumbers, melons and courgettes.  Every year, within days they’ve run amok straggling far and wide leaving us no clue as to where we actually planted the bloomin’ things.  Not a problem unless you need to water them.  And, with water so precious for us we hate wasting a drop. This […]

Principles of Organic Gardening

[ad#banner] In tribute to the late great John Seymour, (author of many brilliant books including The Self-sufficient Life and How to Live It) who has taught, inspired and entertained me during my forays into the world of growing my own organic vegetables. I wanted to include in this series on Organic Vegetable Growing, his six […]

Organic Vegetable Growing

[ad#banner] Why Grow Vegetables Organically? You may well ask; “what is the point to organic vegetable growing?”  After all chemical fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides are relatively cheap, readily available and simple to use.  Our governments are all keen to legislate, license and claim any chemicals we are able to purchase are ‘safe’. Although […]

Organic Gardening Tips – Organic Composting

[ad#big-square] One of the things I am really passionate about is garden composting.  When I wrote about vegetable garden planning I advised you to make room for a garden composter, right from the start.  When growing organic vegetables, recycling garden waste into garden compost is a critical part of the whole process.  But does it […]

Planning a Vegetable Garden

[ad#big-square] Planning a Vegetable Garden may seem really daunting at first.  Try not to be put off by reading too much information!  The best thing to do, is make a rough plan but be prepared too change it the year progresses.  Some things will come up quicker than the books tell you, while other things […]

Growing Organic Vegetables

A note to the regulars.  This blog has been a little up & down, hit & miss and somewhat woolly around the edges of late.  I am taking the blog in a slightly new direction.  Apologies and Adios to any subscribers who preferred the waffle!  But, I’m afraid I’ve been spurred into action by the […]

Back with Purple Sprouting Broccoli

The blog is getting a bit more of a weekly, rather than a daily activity.  But just for the regulars, to whom I have repeatedly moaned about a lack of purple sprouting broccoli.  I can at last reveal, we have eaten so much we’re nearly bored of it!  Not quite bored as its so damn […]