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Growing Cucumbers – Top Tip


Every year we plant cucumbers, melons and courgettes.  Every year, within days they’ve run amok straggling far and wide leaving us no clue as to where we actually planted the bloomin’ things.  Not a problem unless you need to water them.  And, with water so precious for us we hate wasting a drop.

This year, we actually remembered to do what we always say we should and since it has worked out so well I thought I should share.  Here is my Top Cucumber Growing Tip:

When you plant any form of cucurbit – cucumbers, melons, courgettes, squashes etc ALWAYS tap a stick into the ground next to the planting hole.  Then when the rampaging plants do there thing you can still see where you should be watering.

It’s the small achievements which make organic vegetable growing so much fun!

I apologise that this fantastic cucumber tip will be a bit late for many of you but bookmark it and remember for next year.  It really does help. No more trying to memorise the vegetable plot!

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  1. When growing Courgettes – is it wise to chop off the biggest Leaves?

  2. Jeni, Normally you shouldn’t need to do this. Courgettes benefit from a little protection from the sun but if the leaves become wind-damaged or diseased take them off.

  3. Excellent -thank you. You’re turning into my personal garden advisor – hope you don’t mind.

    I wasn’t sure if by taking the leaves off – more nutrients would get to the veg. I have a few small Courgettes on my two plants at the moment and I’m dead excited.

  4. No worries Jeni – just don’t sue me if my personal garden advise is ever faulty! We’ve had a few small courgettes – always exciting as they grow so fast. Just keep picking religiously coz marrows just aren’t quite so enjoyable but arrive with surprising speed!

  5. Top tip – we did this this year after our neighbour told us that he was picking cucumbers that had grown up a nearby carob. Has worked really well for us this year – and have just started clipping the odd leaf here and there to encourage new growth as well.
    Have about 10 jars of pickled cucumbers now for my efforts – absolutely superb.

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