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Growing Tomatoes and Potatoes

So, do you think my Tomato Growing Tips post or my Potato Growing Tips post is most likely to be of any use?  I think maybe even I didn’t read the one about growing potatoes…

In my defense Spanish potatoes are often not of the same high quality as the tomatoes here.  I’m just gardening in the Spanish tradition.  Well, maybe they could have done a little better, but who cares when the tomatoes are the size of very large tomatoes indeed?

Oh and could we all keep our collective fingers crossed for rain please, the veggies need a good downpour and I need a long hot shower!

If you enjoy the site why not make your Amazon purchases through these US or UK Amazon links? It costs you nothing more and means we can buy some more seeds!


  1. Mega Toms missus!
    The Spuds resemble what I see in the market if it’s any consolation.

  2. Cheers Jeni, toms more use at the mo anyway and I really am rather proud of ’em!

  3. Hi, it’s a great feeling to grow your own vegetables. They are a lot more nutritious than the ones harvested from plants that have been constantly sprayed with pesticides. This is natural and organic. That translates to better taste and better health as well. More and more people need to get interested in growing their own vegetables for their own good. Makes sense.

    Great post!
    Joost Hoogstrate

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