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Harvesting Rainwater with Rainwater Barrels

Here at the Garden Furniture store, we are interested in outdoor accessories which have even more practical use than just lovely outdoor furniture.  One of the key items more and more people are now looking for are Rainwater Barrels for Harvesting Rainwater. We then love using wine bottle watering stakes to give our plants a great drip irrigation.

We are pleased to offer a wide range or rainwater harvesting accessories.  From the traditional Achla Rainwater Barrel, to a range of  rather more inspiring rainwater collection systems which are not only practical, but also offer an attractive feature in the backyard.

Please note all the links below are for US sales.  European customers click for Water Butt UK Sales.

Rainwater Collection

As we spend more time in our backyards tending flowers, fruits and even vegetables, the need for regular watering becomes more important.  Rather than relying on your mains water, why not recycle rainwater by harvesting the rainwater collecting on your roof?  Your plants will prefer unadulterated rainwater and it means you save a little of the expensive treated mains water you’re paying to have piped to your home.

Rainwater collection is a great way to beat summer water restrictions and also deal with heavy rains which can be problematic around your home’s footings.  The most simple rainwater harvesting system is provided by a rain barrel connected to the down-pipe from your roof.  Full range of Rainwater Barrels here.

These rain barrels can be connected together so as one fills, it overflows into the next, with a Daisy Chain Kit.  Spigots at the foot of the rainwater barrels allow ease of use for draining out that collected rainwater.  Lids and filters can prevent debris falling into and blocking the barrels and stop insects entering.  For open topped rain barrels, mesh guards and Mosquito Dunks safely kill mosquito larvae to prevent mosquitoes using your rainwater barrel as a new breeding ground.

Algreen Rainwater Barrels

With backyards becoming smaller, and paradoxically, us spending more time in them, it is important that we make the most of all the space available.  For that reason, new rainwater barrels have become things of beauty, feature in their own right, rather than just something practical to be hidden out of sight.  This means with consideration, you can find rainwater barrels to suit every style of home and taste of home owner.

The current best selling rainwater barrels  by Algreen are inspired by natural terracota to provide a feature, which can live happily out front or out back.  Helping you save resources and keep your home and yard looking fabulous.

These best selling Algreen Rainwater Barrels have the look of timeless terracotta but all the durability of modern plastics.  Designed to look good in the long term, without fading or chipping.  The tough roto molded plastic is heat resistant so will cope with the hottest summers and definitely prove that practical rainwater barrels no longer need look dull or utilitarian.

Both these best selling rain barrels have  a removable planter incorporated into the lid to provide a splash of greenery or indeed floral colour at eye level. Both are also supplied with corrosion proof screen guards and a hook for hanging garden hose.  The 50 gallon rain collection system on the left is supplied with a f foot garden hose with shut off nozzle.  The 65 gallon model on the right is supplied with a brass spigot, overflow valve, elbow fitting for hose attachment and a 6 foot garden hose with shut off nozzle.

Achla Rainwater Collection Systems

Achla are renowned for their durable garden accessories including compost tumblers and rainwater collection systems.  One of the top selling rain barrels is this Achla system for collecting rainwater.

This 54 gallon rainwater barrel comes with everything you need to start harvesting your own rainwater.  Each barrel is fitted with a child proof lid and debris filter.  In addition an overflow tube with spigot allows you to ensure overflow rain is diverted away from your home’s footings.  Finally a link kit is supplied to allow simple integration of multiple rainwater collectors from one down pipe.  This allows for continual expansion of your rainwater collection system over time.

Fiskars Rainwater Harvesting System

Another of the most popular names in modern rainwater harvesting systems is Fiskars.  Again their rainwater barrels are supplied with everything needed for rainwater recovery.

Created from tough UV treated impact resistant polyethylene these pretty rainwater barrels are built to last without fading or chipping.  Ideal in a small yard, they have a flat or concave back so will sit against the house wall snugly.

Both models of Fiskars rainwater harvesting system come with all you need to make the most of this wonderful free resource.

The system includes a large Gallon Rain Barrel with a built-in base, cover,  overflow water diverter kit and threaded spigot for easy garden hose attachment,  The base allows watering cans to fit easily beneath the spigot for ease of use.

Choose from the traditional terracotta 57 gallon or the more modern 58 gallon spice granite rainwater harvesting systems.

Rainwater Harvesting Products

In addition to a wide range of rainwater barrels, we have additional rainwater harvesting products.  Great for setting up your rainwater harvesting system, if not supplied with your chose rain barrel.

If all that talk of harvesting rainwater and installing rainwater barrels is too much for now, why not get rid of the down spout and install a Japanese inspired Rain Chain to add a touch of oriental charm to your deck?

Harvesting Rainwater

Harvesting Rainwater can help you reduce water usage, and keep you watering the veggies or washing the car regardless of water constraints imposed from the suppliers.   And, now with the new range of attractively designed yet hard wearing Rainwater Barrels, this can be done without compromising on your individual style and tastes in the garden.  Making the most of limited resources is all about stocking up when things are abundant.  Rainwater harvesting is exactly that!


  1. Jan says:

    We too have several of those blue barrel containers, one of which gets filled with the shower water… in the summer we make ourselves shower in one of this big ‘buckets’. But I agree, they’re not things of beauty and growing climbers over a frame around them sounds a good idea.

  2. chaiselongue says:

    We have green and black plastic water containers. I’ve seen them made to look like terracotta. But then, our garden isn’t near the house. I think I prefer plastic to look like plastic, blue, black or green and the cheaper the better!

  3. Di Foden says:

    Good grief! Sometimes I’m glad I just have a balcony!

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