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The Best Copper Fire Pit

Click to Buy – CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Tub with Screen and Cover

Garden Furniture is not just for sitting on!  With a great outdoor fire pit table or fire bowl you can enjoy evenings around a campfire in style.  Keeping family and friends warm with their welcoming glow, but keeping the yard still looking fabulous!  No scorching, no messy ash on the ground, and still somewhere to toast your marshmallows and keep your toes toasty.

Copper Fire Pit Tables and Bowls are becoming increasingly popular.  It is not suprising when you consider just how good they look and how well-liked copper is for many design conscious garden lovers.  But there is a huge difference in the quality of the copper fire bowls themselves.  Whilst you may get away with a cheap outdoor fire pit made of a different material, a copper one really does need to be selected from the better quality options.

It is easy to manufacture cheap, thin copper fire bowls.  They are mass produced on a huge scale and sold very cheaply.  But if you plan to actually use your fire pit on a regular basis you may find such a ‘bargain basement’ buy simply does not live up to the task at hand.  Far better to spend a little more and ensure the bowl itself is constructed from thick enough copper to ensure it will not warp or worse still split, over time as you use your new piece of garden furniture.

The Best Copper Fire Pit by far has to the the hand hammered fire tub from CobraCo.  It is far sturdier than cheaper models and constructed from far thicker material.  In addition, its extra deep bowl allows you to create a long-lasting fire from decent sized logs.  Choose a small bowl and you may find yourself having to keep stoking and feeding the fire all night long.  Worse still they can easily become top heavy and are far to easy to overload with too much weight of wood.  The CobraCo Copper Fire Bowl is a unique design.  A weighty bowl will hold a huge amount of wood.  Its sturdy wrought iron stand holds the bowl close to the ground so there is no possibility of anything tipping over too.

It isn’t a particularly expensive outdoor fire pit, but it certainly isn’t the cheapest.  With something that will take a real beating over time, with changes of temperature and wooden logs being chucked into it, there simply is no point in buying the cheapest if you want to enjoy a campfire in style on a regular basis.  Either buy one made from a different material entirely or make sure you buy the Best Copper Fire Pit around today!  As well as anything else, its minimalist design and traditional quality materials ensure it is one garden feature that simply will not date anything like as fast as so many trendy designs.